Taliban will allow all girls in all parts of the country to go to school in coming year

by Aamaj News

A spokesman for the ministry of education, Aziz Ahmad Royan, in an interview with Reuters said that all schools are going to open to all boys and girls in coming year.

He added that all girls will be allowed to return to schools next week.

Mr. Royan added that there are some conditions for girls as segregated classes, and they would be taught by female teachers.

He added that there is the shortage of female teachers in some rural areas so older male teachers would be allowed to teach girls.

“There is no school that will close for this year. If there is any school that closes, it is the responsibility of the education ministry to open it,” Royan added.

It is the main demand of international community that the Taliban must allow all girls to go to school.

The mejority of countries around the world have not recognized the Taliban goverment yet, additionally they are concerned over Taliban’s behavior towards women and girls.

The UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, welcomed the decision of Taliban regarding reopening of schools for girls and said that boys and girls must be provided with the opportunity to continue their education.


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