Fifty political and cultural figures in an open letter to France president urged him to sanction the Taliban

by Aamaj News

A number of writers, intellectuals, philosophers, political and cultural figures from Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan and the EU in an open letter to France president, Emanuel Macron, urged him to sanction the Taliban.

Obaid Mahdi and Daniel Silvatore Schiffer, professor of philosophy at the Royal Academy of Belgium, cooperated with each other to collect signatures and coordinate.

Mahdi said that more than 50 dominant cultural, political and human rights figures in an open letter to France president, Emanuel Macron, strongly condemned current situation in Afghanistan under the control of Taliban, and urged France to take action to prevent further massacre of people and the expansion of the catastrophe.

The letter adds that Taliban have violated human in particular women’s rights, civil freedoms, resorted to targeted killings, enforced displacement, and racial discrimination in a wide range.

The letter also mentions the security concerns and the cooperation of Taliban with international terrorism.

The letter concludes urging president of France to sanction the Taliban leaders and limit their foreign trips, because of their unacceptable behaviors.

Nine months since Taliban’s domination, yet no country has recognized their government.

Restrictive policies of Taliban towards women, rising of gender tension, resorting to violence, drumhead court-martial and trampling human rights are the factors of Taliban’s isolation.



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