Infamous and tyrant militias of Taliban must be slaughtered, that day is not far: Saleh

by Aamaj News

Former vice president, Amrullah Saleh, once again called on youths to fortify resistance.

He reacting to abduction of six women and three children by Taliban fighters said abducting of women and children by Taliban’s rude and arrogant militias confirms that claim they in some places mistreat people worse than Israel forces against Palestinians.

He added that these wounds are very bad on the body and soul of the nation.

“We must work on the moment to massacre infamous and tyrant militias of Taliban, that day is not far,” Saleh said.

Saleh also added that it has become two days that Taliban frisk people approximately in every kilometer in Panjshir. Taliban cannot get along with local people, and this issue enhance their end.


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