Russia–Ukraine conflict and the story of infamous escape to resistance; is Ashraf Ghani the icon of cowardice in the world?

by Aamaj News

Following the resistance of former comedian and incumbent president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, against the invasion of Russia, he became the icon of bravery and resistance in the world.

On the other hand, there is the runway president of Afghanistan that media activists and an analyst give example of him. Recently, William Dalrymple a Scottish historian and a person in the know of Afghanistan issues comparing Ghani and Zelenskyy tweeted, “ It’s hard not to compare him — though the acts are vastly different — to Ashraf Ghani, who got the hell out Very, very few of us will ever face a situation with such a combination of historic consequence and physical danger.”

But he is not the only Western prominent figure that points out the infamous escape of Ashraf Ghani. Yesterday, one of the CNN hosts while asking about the bravery of president Zelenskyy, offered the case of Ghani as an contrary example.

Shubhankar Mishra a news anchor of Indian Aaj Tak TV channel speaking of Zelenskyy’s bravery said, “remember how America’s friend Ashraf Ghani fled the country from Afghanistan.”

A famous Pakistani journalist, Hamid Mir, citing the words of president Zelenskyy said, “here is the difference between a brave Ukrainian President who refused to run away from his country and Ashraf Ghani who escaped like a coward.”

An American famous author, journalist and war correspondent, Janine di Giovanni, relating to this issue said, “what a stark contrast between Ghani abandoning Afghanistan – and the courage of Zelensky refusing to leave Ukraine.”

The news comes as Ghani until the day he fled the country talked about resistance against Taliban, but apparently it will go down in history of 21 century that “Ghani was a coward runaway president.”


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