Western military aid to Ukraine about Russia’s 2022 defense budget

by Aamaj News

Russian Tass News Agency reported that Ukraine has received around $48.5 billion last year in Russia-Ukraine conflict that nearly equals to Russia’s 2022 defense budget, and exceeded the Ukrainian budget by almost three times.

Tass added that Western military aid to Ukraine amounts nearly 95% of Russia’s defense expenditure, which was $51.1 billion last year.

Russian defense minister, Sergey Shoigu said that Russia is fighting in Ukraine not only against Kiev forces, but also against the entire “collective West.”

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, earlier said that “military potential and capacities of nearly all principal NATO members are currently being actively used” against Russia.

The NATO and EU once again pledged to militarily support Ukraine against Russian forces.”

We’ll meet next week in Ramistein in the US led the Contact Group to provide support to Ukraine and there will meet with the Ukrainian defence minister to discuss exactly what types of weapons are needed and how can Allies provide those weapons,” Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General stated.

He also said that Russia has not changed its goal, and they must be prepared for long run support.


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