Roya Sadat won the “2021 KIMDEJUNG Nobel Peace Film Award”

by Aamaj News

Roya Film House said to Aamaj News that Roya Sadat won the 2021 KIMDEJUNG Nobel Peace Film Award in praise of her efforts to promote democracy, human rights, and peace through art of motion pictures as well as her valuable cinematic works as movies like “Playing the Taar” and “A Letter to the President,” the latter one directly addresses important human rights issues.

The award ceremony was held in Gwangju city of Korea.

Roya Sadat in her message because of award called on international institutions and film festivals to be the voice of Afghan women who do not have the right to study and work.

“I would like to ask the international institutions and film festivals to be the voice of Afghan women who do not have the right to study and work nowadays in my country…to support and not leave them alone, in the hope for a free and prosperous Afghanistan. To support for a better tomorrow in which there is no threat of fundamentalism and extremism…As you know, human rights are being violated in the worst possible way in Afghanistan at the moment, people do not have their most basic rights and women suffer the most. I thank the institutions and individuals who stand by the people of Afghanistan, especially the women of Afghanistan, and stand up for their rights,” Roya Sadat said.

Kim Dae-jung (Korean: was a South Korean statesman and activist who served as the eighth president of South Korea from 1998 to 2003. He was a 2000 Nobel Peace Prize recipient for his work for democracy and human rights in South Korea and in East Asia in general, and for peace and reconciliation with North Korea and Japan. He was sometimes referred to as “the Nelson Mandela of Asia” Kim was the first opposition candidate to win the presidency.

The news came after Taliban’s domination that the majority of singers, actors, writers and other elites left the country.



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