The closure of girls’ schools has devastating consequences for the future of AFG: HRW

by Aamaj News

It has been 300 days that girls are away from school in Afghanistan. Human Rights Watch (HRW) has interviewed six prominent women from Afghanistan that they urge the girls must be back at school.

Today, the organization releasing a video said that the it has been 300 days that girls have not been able to go to school, because of Taliban’s ban on secondary and high schools.

According to the HRW the ban on girls’ education has devastating consequences for girls, families and the country above all.

The organization has interviewed six women activists. They are Zahra Joya, a journalist, Elaha Soroor, a musician and artist, Heela Yoon, founder of Afghan youth ambassadors for peace, Sahar Fetrat, assistant researcher at HRW, Tamana Ayazi, a filmmaker and Yalda Hakim, international correspondent of BBC originally from Afghanistan.


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