Social media users launching a hashtag want to shut down the “Guantanamo of Refugees” in Indonesia

by Aamaj News

A number of social media users have criticized the limbo of thousands of Afghan asylum seekers in Indonesia and launched a hashtag in support of them entitled “pay attention to immigrants in Indonesia”.

This virtual petition is set to be launched in different countries’ time zones, so far 20,000 people have joined this petition.

This virtual petition will be continued to sign in different time zones of cities as Washington, Jakarta, and Genoa.

This petition expresses that asylum seekers are living in limbo in Indonesia, and they must reach their voice to the world.

Social media users say that they are signing this petition to draw the world’s attention to Afghan asylum seekers in Indonesia who live in limbo.

Past month social media users had launched another hashtag to support Afghan asylum seekers in Indonesia.

While social media users are launching this hashtag, that a number of asylum seekers in Indonesia sewed their lips because no one has paid attention to them.

It is mentionable that one of these asylum seekers set himself on fire near the UN building in Indonesia.



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