TV confession of female protesters elicited a wide range of reactions

by Aamaj News

Some international institutions and Afghan figures reacted to the TV confession of female protesters.

Former national security advisor, Rangin Dadfar Spanta, reacting to this issue said that it is not the first time in the history that rulers around the world obtain confession resorting to force and horror, and forcing citizens to repent.

He tweeted that just as the bedouin and petrified rule of Afghanistan’s rulers is the cause of sadness and at the same time ridiculous, at the same extent obtaining this kind of confession and stagings are tragic.

“No one will believe in this triteness,” Spanta added, “but what is clear here is the untold secret of the Afghan people patience and civil stability.”

Head of Mawj-e-Tahawol party, and ex-parliament member Fawzia Koofie, also reacted to shared video of TV confession of Afghan female protesters, and said that it is criminal to obtain forced confession and release the photos of women to disparage them.

“You cannot take away the inalienable rights of my country’s women to live. Are you expecting that no body should protest? You are afraid of female protesters, now resort to anything to disparage them. It means that women are strong,” Fawzia Koofie said while addressing the Taliban.

Manizha Bakhtari, ambassador of Afghanistan to Austria said that it is the signs of irrationality of Taliban to share the photos and voices of female protesters in a complete farce.

She added that the history of Afghanistan is repelete with such actions, and it is impossible to muffle the voices of female protesters and confine them.

Shafie Karimi a journalist said that Afghan girls did not protest to go abroad, they raised their voices for their rights.

International Amnesty said that Taliban are trying to disparage these women releasing the TV confession.

Amnesty International’s South Asia Campaigner, Samira Hamidi, said that Taliban releasing forced confession of female protesters are trying to defame them.

“The fear in visible in their face. Their voice are shaking. Some cannot even look at the camera.This is new tactic of Taliban defaming women’s rights and women activism in Afghanistan,” She tweeted.

The news comes as some female protesters in Taliban’s custody in a video which has been released by interior ministry of Taliban say that they protested at the request of some women living abroad.

Taliban while released this TV confession that before that they repeatedly denied the detention of female protesters.

Interior ministry of Taliban said that Taliban fighters have arrested these women from a house in Kabul, that were keeping there “illegally” to be evacuated abroad.

But it is not clear how these women confessed in front of the camera.


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