Hazaras have always been targeted: Council of the National Resistance

by Aamaj News

Council of the National Resistance to Save Afghanistan releasing a statement condemned recent attacks on west of Kabul. The council added that it has been years that Hazaras have been the target of terrorist attacks.

The council referring to recent attacks and killing of Al Zawahiri in Kabul said that recent attacks show that Kabul under the rule of Taliban has become the “safe haven of terrorists.”

The Council of the National Resistance to Save Afghanistan said that it has been years that Shiites and Hazaras are the target of inhumane and catastrophic terrorist attacks.

The members of the council have considered the attack as the continuation of the targeted inhumane crimes.

The statement added that Taliban not only have not been able to ensure the security, but the insecurity is expanding in Afghanistan.

The statement reiterated that the Taliban providing a safe haven for terrorists are threatening Afghanistan and the world.

“Assassination, targeted killings, targeting religious gatherings, attacking the people’s privacy, explosions and terrorist activities have led the country to serious challenges,” the statement reads.

Taliban say that 2 people killed and 12 others wounded as a result of Saturday’s attack, but sources say that the rate of casualties is higher than that.

IS–K has claimed the responsibility for recent attacks in west of Kabul.


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