Anti-Taliban gathering in Turkey led by Rahila Dostum

by Aamaj News

It is the first time after Taliban’s takeover that an anti-Taliban protest takes place in Turkey leading by Rahela Dostum daughter of Marshal Dostum, former vice president.

The gathering took place to ward the “Resurrection of Women in Afghanistan” with the present of hundreds Turkey based women from Afghanistan accompanying their speech and an announcement.

The announcement reads that Afghanistan does not have a legal and accountable government 1.5 years after Taliban’s domination, and Taliban are illegitimate rulers in Afghanistan who have taken hostage all the nation denying their Islamic and civil rights.

According to the statement, Afghanistan has been isolated politically more than ever, additionally the socio-economic infrastructures are being collapsed.

The announcement adds that the Taliban continue to arrest journalists and rights activists, and kill former government employees as well as usurp the people’s land and property and finally forcibly displace them.

They stated the women in Afghanistan have been deprived of all their rights, and urged the international community not to deal the women’s rights with the Taliban under the name of engagement.

The announcement calls on men to stand with women in such a horrifying situation, and do not leave them alone in such a hard combat against the Taliban.

It is mentionable that it is the first anti-Taliban gathering in Turkey that the Turkish government has allowed since the takeover of the group back in 2021.

The Turkish government is reconsidering its politics towards the Taliban especially after imposing inhumane rules against women and usurpation of Uzbeks’ land and property, sources told Aamaj News.

Earlier Turkish president called the Taliban ban on girls’ education as “inhumane and non-Islamic.”


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