Pashtun culture hinders women’s education: Pakistan

by Aamaj News

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN, Munir Akram, said that the Taliban’s restrictions on women have nothing to do with religion, but the root of this issue lies in Pashtuns’ culture.

He stated the issue while offering his speech at the UN.

Akram added that the Pashtuns posses a strange culture, and it has been a long time that they are trying to keep women at home.

It is mentionable that his remarks has met a wide range of bitter reactions on social media, and some users have considered the remarks insulting to Pashtun people, while some other social media users have expressed that Pashtuns have been sacrificed by war.

Recently the Taliban sending a letter to all private academic settings have urged them to refuse registering girls for upcoming college entrance exam.

They had closed the schools for girls above grade sixth, and deprived them of higher education.


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