Conflict in Panjshir: “The corpses of Taliban fighters are piled on the streets”

by Aamaj News

Local sources in Panjshir told Aamaj News that it has been two days that Taliban are forcing the people in Gulzanger village of Rukha district, Panjshir, to leave their houses.

According to these sources, more than 350 Taliban fighters with their equipment have entered Rukha district, and the city in this district has been surrounded by the Taliban and the area is in military mood.

Some local residents told Amaj News that there is currently ongoing skirmish between the Taliban and resistance fighters in the Hesarak area. They added that more than a dozen Taliban had been killed and two of their Ranger vehicles had been destroyed.

Local residents said that more than a dozen of dead bodies of Taliban fighters have piled on the street.

But the Taliban in Panjshir deny the forced displacement of people and also clashes, calling it a rumor of the resistance fighters.


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