Heavy floods in Panjshir destroyed acres of farmland

by Aamaj News

Heavy floods in Hesah-e-Awal and Abshar districts of Panjshir caused loss of property for the people in Panjshir.

Nasrullah Malekzada, the Taliban head of information and culture in Panjshir said that heavy precipitations of rain led to heavy floods in that two districts last evening.

He added that heavy floods destroyed acres of farmland, houses, bridges, canals, power generators, streets and shops in Kharo and Burjman villages in Hesah-e-Awal district, and in Qalandur village of Abshar district.

Residents of Panjshir said that lots of people do not have food to eat, yet they have not received assistance. But head of information and culture said that the survey team has been sent to the area.

“Heavy precipitations of rain during the week led to heavy floods, but no body is here to help us,” Mohammad Sharif a resident of Panjshir said.

On the other hand, head of public works of Taliban in Panjshir stated that a part of a mountain slipped in Burjnan village as result the way has been blocked for commute. But they are working to open the way.

It has been three days of heavy precipitations of rain which led to heavy floods in Panjshir, as a result people have lost their property.


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