Taliban do not want to appear with human face, their end is so close: Manawi

by Aamaj News

Former justice minister, Fazel Ahmad Manawi, reacting to the shooting of a young Panjshiri man said a group that its basic way of thinking is filled with cruelty, oppression, aggression, and terror, and describes the power by these means and is proud of it, as well as considers it worship and in the name of God, it will not appear with human face.

“The more I hear the events and I see the images of their cruelty, the more I believe in their end,” Mr. Manawi said.

Former minister of iustice of Afghanistan while reacted to the video that a large number of people expressed their worries and condemned the act.

People in the know believe, if Taliban do not prevent kangaroo courts, that will lead to people’s hatred against them and will not be good for future of Afghanistan.



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