Afghanistan can be aptly described as ‘Terrorism Central’ of the world, says retired Pakistani general 

by Aamaj News

Imran Malik, the retired general of the Pakistani army, in an article for “The Nation” newspaper, said that Afghanistan can be aptly described as the Terrorism Central of the world.

General Malik added that most major terrorist activities emanate from here. Some of the most ferocious, violent terrorist groups have found safe havens in this country, courtesy of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Afghanistan (TTA) government. The regional strategic environment thus remains perpetually vitiated and on edge.

He wrote that as of recently, the IS-K, in particular, has demonstrated a remarkable enhancement in its capacities and capabilities and ominously in its strategic reach. It and other Afghanistan-based terrorist groups have carried out heinous terrorist attacks in Afghanistan’s immediate neighborhood; Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Turkey as well, and now in an ex­tra-regional power, Russia too.

General Malik said that some of the most violent terrorist groups have found safe havens in Afghanistan.

Furthermore, he asked: Did the recent attacks in Moscow really take place by Islamic State group, and how do terrorist groups gain access to advanced facilities? 

The retired Pakistani General said that all terrorist attacks have direct or indirect implications in the evolving regional, extra-regional geopolitical, geostrategic, and geoeconomic dimensions.

General Malik added that it is clear that IS-K and other terrorist groups, including the TTP, are using tools to achieve specific foreign policies of some regional and global powers.

In the end, he said that Pakistan must determine its perimeters of security on its western borders and act to neutralize all threats that reside therein and/or em­anate from there. 

These remakes come from a retired Pakistani general, that with the rule of Taliban over Afghanistan, there is a significant increase of terrorist attack in Pakistan.


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