PM of Pakistan criticizes the Western media

by Matiullah Shirzad

Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, speaking during the inaugural session of the annual Margalla Dialogue in Islamabad said that the Western media for about 15 years accused Pakistan of playing “a double game” in Afghanistan and tried to damage Pakistan’s reputation.

Khan said instead of giving Pakistan its due credit for the sacrifices it made, the country was accused of playing “a double game” and its reputation was maligned internationally.

Pakistan’s prime minister reiterated that no country has suffered 80 thousand casualties, 4.5 million displacement and over $100 billion loss throughout the war in Afghanistan that Pakistan suffered.

“Pakistan was held responsible for the shortcomings of the United States,” he said.

Khan criticized the US and other Western countries that expected Pakistan to win the war for them.

He said that Pakistan itself was the victim, and tried to survive.


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