Pakistan’s visa black market is booming in the heart of Afghanistan, a visa costs $500

by Aamaj News

Although it has been several months that Pakistan embassy in Kabul started the process of issuing visa online, but this process has not been able to solve the problems of Afghan applicants.

A number of Pakistan’s visa applicants complain of problems they face while receiving visa and some others talk about widespread corruption in its issuance.

They say that a multitude number of people leave the country, so they first go to Pakistan to immigrate to other countries. They add that the Pakistan embassy takes advantage of the situation.

These applicants say to Aamaj News that their applications for online visas are either denied or not answered at all. They add that if they refer to travel agencies or the people inside the embassy, ​​they will be given a visa within 24 hours after receiving $ 500.

The people while complaining about the bribery in receiving Pakistan’s visa that in former government, they also complained about inconvenience in receiving visa of Pakistan.

Some of these applicants said that getting a Pakistan’s visa in those days was very difficult. Visa applicants had to spend days and nights behind the Pakistan embassy to obtain visas.

Few months ago, the head of the media office of the Consular Section of Pakistan embassy in Kabul denied the corruption in visa issuing process.


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