Pakistan opens 3 new crossings to expedite deportation of Afg refugees

by Aamaj News

The government of Pakistan wants to open three new crossings on the border with Afghanistan to speed up the process of expelling Afghanistan refugees from their country.

On Monday, Nov. 13, the Pakistani newspaper, Dawn, wrote in a report that the new crossings will be opened today.

This newspaper, citing a report prepared by the Sindh Home Department, wrote that if “illegal Afghans” are not repatriated, Pakistan will face a security problem.

In the report, it has also been stated that the department responsible for deporting immigrants has encountered problems in registering and processing the identity of immigrants. According to reports published by Pakistani newspapers, approximately 88,000 refugees have voluntarily returned to Afghanistan only through the Chaman border crossing.

However, the government of Sindh has called the presence of Afghan immigrants a demographic threat to the state and has warned that if the immigrants are not returned to their countries, provincial demography will alter by 2040.

This is despite the fact that Pakistan had previously given more than 1.7 million refugees from Afghanistan until Nov. 1 to leave the country, otherwise, they will be arrested and deported.


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