Pakistan’s special envoy to Afghanistan claims presence of TTP in country

by Aamaj News

Pakistan’s special envoy to Afghanistan, Asif Ali Durrani, has claimed the presence of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) in Afghanistan and said that peace in Afghanistan has become a nightmare for Pakistan.

“Peace in Afghanistan has become a nightmare for Pakistan. Because those people who are taking sanctuary inside Afghanistan are launching those attacks, and as the Prime Minister had rightly pointed out, the increase has been 65 percent ever since the Taliban come to power, but the suicide attacks have actually increase five hundred percent,” he stated.

While referring to the Taliban’s order prohibiting terrorist attacks inside Pakistan, the country’s special envoy to Afghanistan said, “As you know, an order was issued by the leader of the Taliban about the prohibition of attacking Pakistan. Their [Taliban] ministers also make these remarks. So are we to accept that the TTP is disobeying this order? If this is the case, then TTP, which has declared allegiance, has been invalidated. If this has been invalidated, then TTP should be punished. If you are talking about Islam or tradition, then in both cases the issue of punishment is raised because they [TTP] are abusing Afghanistan’s soil.”

Durrani has asked the Afghan Taliban that this group should control Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and disarm them inside Afghanistan.


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