Imran Khan: Afghanistan could lead towards the biggest “man-made disaster”

by Aamaj News

Prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, addressing the keynote at the inaugural session of the 17th extraordinary session of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) said that Afghansitan is experiencing the situation that no country has experienced ever.

“Unless action is taken immediately, Afghanistan is heading for chaos. Any government when it cannot pay salaries to public servants, doctors and nurses is going to collapse. But chaos suits no one. It certainly does not suit the United States,” Khan said.

Imran Khan emphasized that Islamophobia has increased in Western countries, and one main cause is extremism.

He believes that chaos in Afghanistan could cause the rise in terrorism. He reiterated that ISIS is of capability to carry out attacks around the world, and to combat against the ISIS there must be a powerful government in Afghanistan.

Khan also said that the Taliban will also have to understand that the formation of an inclusive government, respect for human rights, particularly women’s rights, and disallowing the use of Afghan soil for terrorism in other countries, which will pave way for international aid to Afghanistan.


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