Ahmad Massoud and representative of Taliban may meet in Dushanbe in the near future

by Aamaj News

Sputnik TJ reported that the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan [NRF], led by Ahmad Massoud, plans to hold a conference with Taliban representatives in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.

Although the date of the conference is still unknown but it is planned to invite representatives of political parties, intelligentsia, public figures and some others, totaling 50 people, to participate in the event. 

Sputnik TJ citing its source within the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, reported that the purpose of the conference is to find a political solution to the current crisis and create inclusive government with participation of all political forces of Afghanistan.  

The embassy of Afghanistan in Tajikistan said that they do not have such information, and foreign ministry of Tajikistan neither confirmed nor denied this information. 

It is mentionable that the information about the meeting of Ahmad Massoud with the Taliban representatives in Tajikistan has appeared after visit of Russian president Vladimir Putin to Tajikistan. Putin once again emphasized that an inclusive government must be formed in Afghanistan.

The news comes as Taliban do not consider their government a mono-ethnic one, the analysts though say the continuation of the situation will lead to a civil war.


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