The Taliban “puppet” group has not changed, but become more “savage”: NRF

by Aamaj News

The National Resistance Front of Afghanistan said that the Taliban “puppet” group has not changed, and has become more “savage”.

The NRF reacting to the resolution of the pro-Taliban Ulema gathering said that they have threatened their opponents and critics to be beheaded, and even the Ulema [clerics] do not agree with their “totalitarian” have been warned that they must not talk against them.

The front added that the Taliban had to discuss the terrible situation that the people of Afghanistan are facing, but it was obvious from the beginning that they do not care about people, and are trying to accomplish their “colonial and espionage purposes”.

The NRF referring to the situation in Balkhab said that the Taliban while claiming ensuring the security across the country that they have enforced hundreds of families to leave their houses. While they are talking about providing security that they have started suppressing people for religious purposes in Balkhab. In this “aggression” they shot lots of people and displaced dozens others.

The NRF led by Ahmad Massoud added that not only the lives and property of people are not safe, but also they are not feeling safe mentally.

The news comes as the pro-Taliban Ulema gathering ended on Saturday issuing an 11-clause resolution. The participants vowed to support the Taliban government and swore allegiance to the supreme leader of Taliban, Hibatullah Akhundzada.

In this gathering they did not discuss the reopening of girls’ schools and the international community’s demands for formation of an inclusive government. Schools are still closed for girls above grade sixth.



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