‘Taliban’s reign of terror and tyranny will inevitably end’: NRF

by Aamaj News

Responding to the introduction of the Chinese ambassador in Kabul, Ali Maisam Nazary the head of foreign relations of the National Resistance Front of Afghanistan, stated that Any government that attempts to normalize, legitimize, or recognize the “Taliban terrorist group” jeopardizes their relationship with the people of Afghanistan.

Today, Nazary wrote on the “X” platform that the Taliban regime is about to be overthrown.

The foreign relations officer of the National Resistance Front noted: “The era of the Taliban’s reign of terror and tyranny will inevitably end. Those who have normalized and legitimized them will not be forgotten in our people’s collective memory”.

According to him, Afghanistan country has witnessed numerous political shifts throughout its tumultuous history.

Meanwhile, Zhao Xing, the new Chinese ambassador, entered the citadel with special ceremonies from the Taliban and handed over his credentials to Mohammad Hassan Akhund, the Taliban’s prime minister.

This is the first diplomatic action of the Taliban at this level in the last two years in Afghanistan.


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