UN: North Korea presses ahead its nuclear and missile programs despite sanctions

by Aamaj News

According to a confidential UN report seen by AFP, North Korea pressed ahead with development of its nuclear and missile programs last year despite international sanctions.

The report reiterates that Pyongyang is under major sanctions because of its weapon programs which includes a ban on exports of coal, iron, textiles, seafood and other products.

The report adds that while there is no report on nuclear tests or launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles of North Korea from last year, but it has kept developing “its capability for production of nuclear fissile materials.”

The UN document also says that North Korea resorted to cyberattacks, in particular on cryptocurrency assets as an important source of government revenue.

While Western countries have repeatedly pushed for more pressure on Korea, Beijing and Moscow have called for easing sanctions on humanitarian grounds and urged more flexibility dealing with Kim Jong Un.

Pyongyang conducted an unprecedented seven weapons tests in January, including launching its most powerful missile since 2017 as it hinted it could restart nuclear and long-range missile tests.


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