Taliban do not listen to the people of Afghanistan: The EU envoy

by Aamaj News

The EU special envoy for Afghansitan, Tomas Niklasson, in an interview with Agence France-Presse (AFP) said that Taliban do not listen to the people of Afghanistan.

Yesterday, Mr. Niklasson said what women really want is the right to work, education, access to health facilities, to feed their families and “not instructions on how to dress”.

Tomas Niklasson told AFP the Taliban veto on girls’ schools “has put some doubts in our heads regarding how reliable their promises are, how reliable they may be as a partner”.

He said that the closure of secondary and high schools by Taliban poses a major hurdle to international recognition of their regime.

“If the schools open relatively soon across the country at all levels for boys and girls, this could be a positive, positive step forward,” Niklasson said while adding assuring other civil rights, supporting minorities and respecting women’s rights can help the Taliban to gain international recognition.

In the meantime, he warned the EU currently believes Afghanistan is in the grip of “a more backward going trend”.

It is mentionable that the EU special envoy for Afghanistan visited Kabul five days ago, and met the Taliban officials.



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