“We will do anything if our rights and dignity are trampled underfoot.”

by Aamaj News

Former National Defense and Security Forces in a statement have warned the consequences of Taliban’s deeds. They say if the world does not pay attention to them, there will be a big catastrophe.

“National Defense and Security Forces used to search and arrest the terrorists, but now they have power; it is not possible to compromise with them. The (NDS) forces are trapped in a bad economic situation, and the Taliban find and kill them,” they say in this statement.

Meanwhile, this statement denies the news about joining the NDF forces to IS-K, and calls it propaganda.

“We hope you raise our voices, and defend our rights. Otherwise, if you do not take these demands seriously, there will be unpredictable threats. We want a stable Afghanistan, but if our rights and dignity are trampled underfoot, we will do anything to survive,” they say to international community.


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