Hashmat Ghani met ISI officials to dicuss Ghani’s return: Nabil

by Aamaj News

Former Director of National Directorate of Security, Rahmatullah Nabil, said that Hashmat Ghani brother of Afghanistan’s runaway president, Ashraf Ghani, met the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) officials to discuss the return of Ghani to the country.

He added that Hashmat Ghani in Pakistan met ISI officials to discuss the return of Ghani as a consultant for Taliban’s government.

Mr. Nabil reiterated that in the meeting they talked about the effectiveness of Ghani’s return as well as its impact on Taliban’s recognition and unfreezing of assets, and to some extent agreed upon the issue.

Mr. Nabil added that Taliban’s agreement regarding this issue is not clear yet.

It is mentionable that Ashraf Ghani fled the country as the Taliban entered Kabul back in mid-August 2021, and he sought refuge in the UAE.


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