Haqqani shared the information about Al Zawahri to be removed from the blacklist: Nabil

by Aamaj News

Former chief of national security, Rahmatullah Nabil, reacting to killing of al-Qaeda’s leader in Kabul said that the Taliban interior minister, Sirajuddin Haqqani, left Kabul after death of Al Zawahri.

Nabil stated that Haqqani shared the information about Al Zawahri to be removed from the blacklist, and after his death he left Kabul.

“The sources added that after the drone strike, Haqqani left Kabul with a big armed convoy, including civilians apparently for his safety, heading towards Charkh of Logar province, and from there to the other districts of Paktia province,” former chief of national security said.

He added while the US targeted Al Zawahri, Haqqani was hosting the peace talks between Tahreek Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and the 12-member Pakistan official delegation in Wazir Akbar Khan Kabul.

Former chief of national security stated that the credible sources further refered that his private guest house located near the house where Al Zawaheri was living, and based on the news reported by the international media, the house targeted in the drone strike also belongs to Sarajuddin Haqqani.

“Haqqani through the mediation of General Bajwa and ISI was trying to restore relations with the Americans and to be removed from the blacklist. Therefore he shared the information about the Al Zawahiri whereabouts to the Americans to achieve these goals,” Mr. Nabil said.

Rahmatullah Nabil said it is assumed that it was only the Haqqani network involved in sheltering Al Zawahri.

“The Quetta council of the TBN under the leadership of Mullah Brader & Mullah Yaqob who are trying to build on the relations with the US after the Doha deal, trying to utilize the upcoming UN general assembly to gain recognition, and are equally worried about the rising powers of Saraj Haqqani and trying to undermine the Haqqani who has never obeyed the Quetta Council of the Taliban and considers himself as the conqueror of Kabul,” Mr. Nabil reiterated.

It is worth mentioning, former chief of security is the person who firstly revealed the US drone strike on Al Zawahri.


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