Ghani would not be the president if Karzai did not want: Nabil

by Aamaj News

Former chief of national security, Rahmatullah Nabil, stated if former president Hamid Karzai did not want, Ghani would not win presidential election back in 2014.

Nabil reacted to remarks of former chief of staff of the Afghan National Army, Haibatullah Alizai.

Former chief of staff of the Afghan National Army said when Ghani fled the country, Karzai intended to enter the presidential palace and assume the power.

Mr. Nabil reiterated if Karzai did not want Ashraf Ghani to assume the power in 2014, he was not able to do so, despite the efforts of supporters, lobbies and foreign fund, and enter the Arg [presidential palace].

He added that regarding this issue, he will offer some evidence to media very soon.

He emphasized that although the reality is a bitter pill to swallow, but it must be swallowed.

Mr. Nabil said the issue should go gown in history transparently, and future generations must judge it without considering ethnic and ideological sensitivities.


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