Muttaqi: 1800 members of IS-K released from Bagram and Pole Charkhi prisons as Taliban entered Kabul

by Aamaj News

The Taliban acting foreign minister, Amir Khan Muttaqi, at Tashkent Conference on Afghanistan said while the Taliban entered Kabul, 1800 members of IS-K released from Bagram and Pole Charkhi prisons.

Yesterday, Muttaqi speaking at the conference confirmed that IS-K members released while the Taliban assumed the power, but in past 11 months they were able to control the IS-K militants.

He added that former government transferred members of IS-K from Jowzjan to Kabul while they were under the siege.

He claimed that IS-K members caused insecurity in Afghanistan in past eleven months.

It is mentionable that last year while the Taliban took any province, they released the ones in prisons in that province.

The reports also show that releasing of IS-K members by Taliban from Bagram and Pole Charkhi prisons has promoted the group in Parwan province.


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