We hope to be able to open schools for girls: Mujahid

by Aamaj News

Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, in an interview with Associated Press said that they hope to be able to open schools for girls across the country in coming new year.

Mujahid added that education for women and girls “is a question of capacity,” and said girls and boys must be completely segregated in schools, and reiterated  that the biggest obstacle so far has been finding or building enough dorms, or hostels, where girls could stay while going to school.

Mujahid added that there are not sufficient classrooms in populous areas, adding that they are not against education and are trying to solve the problem by coming year.

According to Mujahid 80% of civil servants who have returned to work were employees of former government. Women are working in the health and education sectors and at Kabul International Airport in customs as well as  passport control.

But he did not state a firm date that women can return to their work in ministries.


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