Concerns over the outbreak of monkeypox in Afghanistan

by Aamaj News

Amid the rising concerns over the outbreak of monkeypox globally, the Taliban head of health department in Nimruz, Mawlawi Abdullah, stated that two cases of this disease have been recorded in Western province of Nimruz.

Mawlawi Abdullah added the infected ones have returned from Iran, they may have contracted smallpox there.

Additionally, one of Twitter users releasing a photo from a patient in “Imam Khomeini Hospital” claimed that was an Afghan patient who has been hospitalized there.

Following the record of smallpox in Nimruz, a number of social media users have expressed their concern over the inability of Taliban to fight the disease.

Social media users believe that Afghanistan is facing economic, political and security crises, and is not able to face another problem.

While after outbreak of COVID-19 health organizations around the world are ready to successfully fight against monkeypox, but Selly Brian, a top member of WHO, warned the smallpox would spread if measures have not been taken.

Ms. Brian added that there is still the opportunity to prevent the spread of this virus, and must be prevented before becoming a pandemic.

World Health Organization (WHO) every year warned of monkeypox in south African countries, particularly in Congo, and Nigeria. But the disease has spread to the US and European countries.

The outbreak of this disease has endangered the concerns among the ones who have not traveled to Africa, and the possibility of becoming a pandemic.

So far, 300 cases of monkeypox have been recorded in 20 countries of the world, but no death case has been recorded.

High fever, headache, muscle aches, exhaustion, backache, and blisters are symptoms of this disease.

It has been said the infection of this disease is different from COVID-19, and people will contract only through touching and sexual relationship.

Before that European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) stated that the ones who has been suspected of this infection must spend in quarantine, and must be vaccinated.

Smallpox firstly discovered in 1358 in monkeys which were for scientific investigation, and in 1970 the first human case recorded in Democratic Republic of the Congo.


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