Monkeypox spreads in EU and US amid the outbreak of COVID-19

by Aamaj News

Monkeypox is a new virus which recently spread across the EU and US.

WHO said that there are about 80 confirmed cases so far in 12 countries, and without naming any particular country added that 50 cases are pending investigations. The organization warned that further cases will be reported.

In the meantime, the presence of this virus has been confirmed in 9 European countries as well as the US, Canada and Australia.

The cases of monkeypox has been reported from remote areas, center and west of Africa.

The UK Health Security Agency said that it is a rare mild viral infection, and the ones infected by this virus will recover in a few weeks.

The virus does not spread easily among people, and it has been said that it is of less danger for people, and there is no specific vaccine for it.

So far cases have been confirmed in Britain, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Italy and Sweden.

The World Health Organization said that is working with other countries having the cases to monitor the virus and support the ones who will be infected.

There is the possibility that virus has been changed in a way, although there is not sufficient evidence to show that it is a new type.

Another argument that scientists offer is that it has evolved in a good place and in exact time.

Monkeypox will spread quickly comparing to the past as the time that smallpox spread and people used to vaccinate a lot.

The World Health Organization (WHO)’s Europe director, Hans Kluge, has expressed concern that summer activities such as festivals could accelerate the spread of a recent monkeypox outbreak, he added, “mass gatherings, festivals and parties, I am concerned that transmission could accelerate.”

He also added that just one case has been reported of travel cases in areas where smallpox exist, and there is no other case relating to the areas.



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