Taliban took the power by Ghani’s help in a deal, Ahmad Zia Masoud says

by Aamaj News

Former vice president and deputy of Jamiat-e Islami party, Ahmad Zia Masoud, says that all politicians, political parties, national figures, and international community should find a better way to solve Afghansitan’s issue. Propagating a temporary and unilateral solution without considering demands of people cannot solve the problem. He adds that helping and legitimizing a terrorist group is betraying the people’s wishes, and Institutionalizing political dictatorship, undemocratic government, and political backwardness.

He posting on his Facebook page says in today’s world the legitimacy of governments is directly connected to the political will of the people.

According to him the governments which have taken the power through coups d’état and war cannot represent people’s will, especially the terrorist groups which have slaughtered and terrified people and made them miserable.

Mr. Masoud believes that some repeated faces cannot represent an inclusive government, but inclusive government is a new political agreement through which all citizens can participate in all political issues.

He adds that Taliban took power by the Ghani’s help through a political deal, and ignored the will of people and international community on forming an inclusive government. That is why they could not obtain national legitimacy and international recognition.


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