Seven months after Marshal’s silence; is Abdul Rashid Dostum barred from speaking?

by Jamshid Wakili

It has been seven months since the fall of the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in mid-August 2021, Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum has never appeared in the media and has not taken a serious stance on the recent developments in Afghanistan. His silence has sparked speculation among the people. Debates over his illness or he is barred from speaking due to political pressure, are issues that are occasionally fueled by social media users. But what is the truth of the silence of Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum? a question that people asked for past seven months.

Sources close to Dostum say that one of the reasons for Marshal’s silence is his anger over the escape of Ashraf Ghani from Afghanistan which led to the fall of the regime, and secondly the betrayal of the 209th Shaheen Corps in Balkh, which disparaged Marshal’s reputation.The sources also emphasize that Marshal Dostum does not want to say repetitive words in the media.

Some people say that Marshall Dostum is barred from speaking under the pressure and consider it another reason for his silence. But Marshal Dostum’s spokesman, Ihsan Niroo, rejects any external and political pressure on Marshal Dostum to ban him from speaking, and also reiterates that he is in a good condition. Speaking to Amaj News, Mr. Niroo said the reason for Marshall’s silence is an opportunity for the Taliban to shed light on the truth of their ambitious claims.

Mr. Niroo pointing to past deeds of Marshal Dostum said that whenever Marshal wanted to defend people’s rights and freedom, former officials accused him of genocide, massacre, violation of human rights and called him a “war lord.” Always a circle of politicians inside and outside of Afghanistan criticized Marshal for his deeds. They always asked why should a Marshal personally participate in war and take the gun?

Mr. Niroo pointing to constant political activities of Marshal Dostum said, “Marshal is constantly talking and negotiating with former officials.”

He also quoting Marshal Dostum said that they never want another civil war in Afghanistan which will destroy people’s homes again. He stated that they want to settle the Afghansitan’s issue through politics and diplomacy, and if it does not work, the second step, would be military action.

Mr. Niroo assures the people of Afghanistan that they will see another movement in near future. When he was asked what kind of movement that can be, he said, “the movent will political in the first place. if the political action does not work, the debate will turn to conflict, which is not in anyone’s interest.”

Meanwhile, figures close to Marshal Dostum are saying of a series of actions in support of Marshal Dostum in Iran. One of the sources told Amaj News that Marshal Dostum has kept a large number of people in Tehran and Mashhad on standby for spring development in Afghanistan.

The sources confirm to Aamaj News that although Marshall Dostum is not in the media, but he is working on some plans constantly. They say that one of the reasons for Marshall Dostum’s silence during these few months was his anger over the fall of the regime in Afghanistan which had isolated him. But he has now resumed his political activities, and people will see more actions after that.

The news comes as some people say, “Marshal Dostum, Ata Mohammad Noor and Mohammad Mohaqiq are prominent figures of the north, whose silence on the issue of Afghanistan will be the end of their political lives.”


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