“Dozens of women protestors, civil society (activists) and journalists have been detained, disappeared or killed since August 15”: Mariam Safi

by Aamaj News

An Afghan-Canadian researcher, peacebuilding practitioner and civil activist, Mariam Safi, at the UN Security Council meeting expressing her concern about the situation of women in Afghanistan said that so far thousands of people including Hazaras and other minorites have been killed in Afghanistan.

She added that dozens of female protesters, civil activists and journalists have been detained, disappeared or killed since Taliban assumed power.

Ms. Safi added that one million children in Afghanistan are facing extreme hunger, and need humanitarian assistance.

Ms. Safi added that Taliban have maintained their ties with terrorist groups mainly through the Haqqani Network and Al-Qaida; ISIS-K has expanded its reach into the country, and the Taliban have created battalions of suicide attackers to integrate into their own defense forces.

The news comes as earlier the U.S. Special Envoy for Afghan Women, Girls, and Human Rights, Rina Amiri, said that Taliban had arrested 40 people including 29 women.

Taliban have imposed restrictions on women in Afghanistan after their domination, but have repeatedly claimed that all the people, including women and girls can enjoy their rights within an Islamic framework.


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