The Afghan Taliban abuse Islam in their “gender apartheid” regime, says Malala

by Aamaj News

Malala Yousafzai, a well-known educational activist, said in her latest interview with “Muslim Girl” media, said that some of her activism is to make sure that we do not allow others to misuse religion to do harm.

Referring to the Afghan Taliban regime, Malala said: “We see in Afghanistan how the Taliban is exploiting a twisted interpretation of Islam to enforce its gender apartheid regime.”

“My faith guides me to know that it is wrong to deliberately and systematically oppress girls and women — not letting them get a haircut, see a doctor, or go for a walk in the park.” She said.

Malala added that what she knows, as a practicing Muslim, is that education is in fact compulsory in Islam. 

“Islam says that you cannot stay ignorant, that you have to go and seek knowledge — no matter how hard it is, or how far you have to travel.”

These remarks by Malala Yousafzai come at a time that, since Taliban rule in Afghanistan on August 2021, Afghan women deprived of their based rights including education based on the “interpretation of the Sharia” by Taliban.


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