Amnesty of Taliban is not true, and their end is imaginable: Mohaqiq

by Aamaj News

The leader of Wahdat-e-Islami party, Mohammad Mohaqiq, says that after Taliban’s domination the situation of Afghanistan is decaying day to day. He adds if situation lasts this way, the end of Taliban will be imaginable.

He says that Taliban’s claims about end of war in Afghanistan is not true, because assassination, explosions, and war are in different parts of the country.

He adds that unlike Taliban’s amnesty which has been announced by Taliban’s leadership, they continue to search and target former government commanders, Mujahideen, and elders of villages.

According to Mohaqiq the level of poverty and unemployment has been increased, and the mejority of people cannot afford to buy food for night, and to provide food some people sell their own children.

Mohaqiq says that Taliban define an inclusive government the way that all their senior leaders are at the top, and introduce some unknown people of other ethnic groups, to say that they have other ethnic groups in their government, too.


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