Taliban are trying to appoint alumnae of religious madrasas to key positions, employees of directorate of agriculture say to Aamaj

by Aamaj News

According to some reports Taliban after their domination are trying to take control of ministries and directorates in Kabul and other provinces, so they are trying to step aside professional and experienced employees and appoint their own supporters.

One of Kunduz’s directorate of agriculture employees said to Aamaj news that Taliban have fired the employees who had at least master’s degree or highly experienced, on the other hand their own employees do not hold any official document and are not familiar with working in such an environment, they are all alumnae of religious madrasas.

The employee who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that Taliban are trying to take control and mange the directorate, so they appoint their own supporters or the people who were their spies in former government.

The news comes as Aamaj News earlier conducting an exclusive survey in 34 provinces of Afghanistan revealed that 92.2% of composition of Taliban’s cabinet are Pashtuns relating to this group, and the people who are appointed in ministries and directorates are all alumnae of religious madrasas or studied primary school.

On the other hand Taliban have always emphasized to hire professional and experienced people to governmental positions.


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