Last December 130 children died in Afghanistan: Save the Children

by Aamaj News

Save the Children reported that last December 135 children died as a result of pneumonia and malnutrition in or on their way to hospital.

According to the survey of this organization half of the families who had been surveyed could not get healthcare when they needed. And roughly 60% of them who were not able to get healthcare said they had no money.

Meanwhile 31% of respondents said they would only visit a clinic if it was a life-threatening illness.

“Child pneumonia is surging in the middle of a hunger crisis that is ravaging young immune systems. The collapse of the health system, driven largely by frozen financial assets and withdrawn aid, comes at a deadly cost for Afghan children,” Save the Children said.

Save the Children called on the international community to unlock vital funding.

The news comes as the US has frozen approximately $10 billion of Afghan assets after Taliban’s domination.


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