PTI says Imran Khan is its ”red line” as his arrest is expected

by Aamaj News

Following the reports relating to the possible arrest of former prime minister of Pakistan, the country’s media outlets reported that the leaders of the Tehreek-e-Insaf Party have warned that Imran Khan, the main leader of this party, is their “red line”.

Additionally, Imran Khan has accused the government of Pakistan of censoring his speech.

He said that the current government of Pakistan prevented people from listening to his speech at a political gathering.

The accusation was made after the media supervision department in Pakistan banned the live broadcast of Imran Khan’s speech on August 20 under the name of “hate speech” against the government offices in Pakistan.

On the other hand, some of Khan’s supporters gathered to join him in Bani Gala, Islamabad.

After being ousted from power in April 2022 by a vote of no confidence in his country’s parliament, Imran Khan has called for new elections in Pakistan.

Former prime minister of Pakistan has given fiery speeches at rallies across the country since his removal from power.

He has claimed that his dismissal from the position of prime minister was the result of a conspiracy by the United States and his successor Shahbaz Sharif, but Washington has always denied having any role in Pakistan’s internal politics.


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