“I have not applied for asylum in any country”: Hoda Khamosh

by Aamaj News

Hoda Khamosh representative of Afghan female protesters in “Oslo talks” denied the news relating to her asylum application to Norway and considered it fake.

“I am neither a politician nor a political leader to invent lies to keep my reputation, if I were to apply for asylum, I would write that I became a refugee without any secrecy,” she posted on her Facebook page.

“I am an ordinary woman like millions of other Afghans, led a normal life there” she added.

She emphasized that she has not applied for asylum in any country and has no plans to do so.

She added that will remain in Norway at the request of Norwegian government untill they guarantee the situation. Whenever they allow her, she will leave that country.

Hoda Khamosh is one of prominent figures of female protesters, she represented Afghan women in Oslo talks. She is right now in Norway.


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