How was Amir Hossein shot dead a hundred meters away from the Taliban checkpoint?

by Aamaj News

Relatives of Amir Hossein, 24, born in Panjshir, told Aamaj News that gunmen shot him on Sunday night (March 31) a hundred meters from the Taliban checkpoint on Danesh street in Khair Khana area, PD15 of Kabul.

They add that this incident happened when Amir Hossein was on his way home from the fitness club around 9:00 p.m.

Amir Hossein’s relatives have added that his father died of cancer a year ago, and he was now the head of his family, a widow mother and younger sister.

According to Amir Hossein’s relatives, he had no personal enmity with anyone and was calm and polite.

They add that they do not have confidence in the investigation of the case by the Taliban. But they still want to try to find the killers.

It should be remembered that with the rule of the Taliban, the killing of young people has increased, especially in the north of Kabul.

Not long ago, the Taliban shot four young men in the north of Kabul and said that they were members of the National Resistance Front. But later, based on the Aamaj’s investigation, it was found that they had nothing to do with the NRF.


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