CPJ calls on Taliban to release American journalist and filmmaker as well as Afghan producer

by Aamaj News

Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) called on Taliban authorities to immediately release American journalist and independent filmmaker Ivor Shearer and Afghan producer Faizullah Faizbakhsh. CPJ urged the Taliban to stop their intimidation and pressure on the press in Afghanistan.

CPJ reported that Shearer and Faizbakhsh were filming in the Sherpur area of District 10 in Kabul–where a U.S. drone strike killed Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri earlier in August–when several security guards stopped them, and arrested them.

The committee added that the Taliban guards questioned them about their activities and checked their work permits, ID cards, and passports; they then confiscated the journalists’ cellphones, detained them for a couple of hours, and repeatedly called them “American spies.”

“The Taliban’s increasing pressure and escalating numbers of detentions of journalists and media workers, including the detention of American filmmaker Ivor Shearer and his Afghan colleague Faizullah Faizbakhsh, show the group’s utter lack of commitment to the principle of freedom of the press in Afghanistan,” said CPJ Program Director Carlos Martinez de la Serna. 

So far the reason of arrest of Shearer and Faizbakhsh is not clear, and their whereabouts is not known, too.


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