Successful surgery on Israeli PM; Netanyahu: We will go into Rafah and eliminate Hamas

by Aamaj News

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday evening (March 31) before going to the surgery room that Israeli forces would enter Rafah and eliminate the Hamas battalions there.

“We will go into Rafah and eliminate Hamas battalions there for one simple reason – there is no victory without entering Rafah and there is no victory without eliminating Hamas battalions there.”

The Prime Minister of Israel also added that over the past week their forces have operated outstandingly in Gaza. 

“Shifa has become a central terrorist headquarters for Hamas. Our forces’ surprise action was carried out with precision. They killed more than 200 terrorists, among them senior commanders,” said Netanyahu.

These remarks are made while the Israeli government is under pressure from the international community about how to operate in Gaza, and different countries of the world are against military operations in Rafah as well.

At the same time, Israeli doctors said that Benjamin Netanyahu’s hernia surgery was successful, and he talked to his family.


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