Israeli DM: Israel ready to spend years to eliminate everyone involved in Oct. 7 attack

by Aamaj News

Israel is ready to spend years to find and eliminate every person who took part in the October 7 attack on the country, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said.

“We will reach every person who has acted against the citizens of Israel – anyone who kidnapped and harmed women and children. We will get to them all, whether it takes a week, a month, a year, and if necessary even years. We will not let anyone go, we will eliminate them all, they have no place under the sun. There will be no compromise with those who harmed our citizens and murdered them,” he said at a news conference.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said earlier that a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip is contingent on the release of the hostages.

Israel has launched relentless air and ground attacks on the Gaza Strip since a cross-border attack by the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas, on October 7.

At least 10,569 Palestinians, including 4,324 children and 2,823 women, have been killed. The Israeli death toll, meanwhile, is nearly 1,600, according to official figures.


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