The IS-K threat began to grow as soon as we left Afghanistan, says former top US general

by Aamaj News

Frank McKenzie, the former commander of the Central Command of the US Army (CENTCOM) said in an interview with the ABC News TV channel that the Islamic State group has a “strong desire” to attack the U.S. and other foreign powers, calling it a threat that is only growing.

“I think the threat is growing,” General McKenzie continued, pointing to the dangers from affiliates like IS-K, the group that was behind a mass bombing in Kerman, Iran in January.

“It began to grow as soon as we left Afghanistan, it took pressure off IS-K. So I think we should expect further attempts of this nature against the United States as well as our partners and other nations abroad,” McKenzie said. “I think this is inevitable.”

The retired US General still believes the U.S. should have kept a small troop presence in Afghanistan rather than withdrawing completely in August 2021, bringing an end to America’s longest war.

These remarks are made while recently the issue of the increase of IS-K activity in Afghanistan has become the headlines.

The Taliban has always talked about the defeat of IS-K. But the recent deadly attack in Kandahar showed that the group is still capable of attacks in Afghanistan.


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