United States takes action against ISIS-K

by Aamaj News

United States of America designated and blacklisted three key members of ISIS-K in Afghanistan as international terrorists.

The US Department of State announced that blacklisted the leader and two other senior members of ISIS-K in Afghanistan as International terrorists. Department of State said that the US is committed to using all of its counterterrorism tools to counter terrorists who target civilians.

The US Department of State blacklisted Snaullah Ghafari, also known as Shahab al-Muhajir the ISIS-K’s current overall leader, Sultan Aziz the ISIS-K spokesperson, and Mawlawi Rajab a senior member of this group as International terrorists.

According to this announcement Shahab al-Muhajir was appointed by ISIS core to lead ISIS-K in Afghanistan in 2020, he is responsible for approving all ISIS-K operations all around Afghanistan and arranging funding to this group to conduct operations. On the other hand Mawlawi Rajab plans ISIS-K’s attacks and operations and commands ISIS-K groups conducting attacks in Kabul.

Meanwhile the US Department of the Treasury announced that this department has designated Ismatullah Khalozai for providing financial support to ISIS-K. According to this announcement Khalozai is an international financial facilitator for ISIS-K, and operated a Turkey-based hawala business to transfer funds to finance this group. He also operated a UAE-based financing scheme, which involved sending luxury items to international destinations for resale to generate fund for this group. Additionally he has carried out human smuggling operations for ISIS-K, in particular smuggled an ISIS-K courier from Afghanistan to Turkey.

The news comes as ISIS-K’s attacks level has increased after Taliban’s domination, and they target civilians in their attack. But Taliban do not consider ISIS-K a big threat to Afghanistan.



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