Iran executes three perpetrators of Zahedan bombing attacks

by Aamaj News

The chief justice of Sistan and Baluchestan province has stated that the three perpetrators of bombing attacks in Zahedan, southeastern Iran, have been executed.

Ali Mostafavinia said on Monday that the three convicts, who had been found guilty on charges of collaborating with the Jaish al-Adl terrorist group, were executed earlier in the day.

He remarked bomb-making tools were confiscated in one of the convicts’ houses during the investigation.

They confessed to joining and cooperating with the Jaish al-Adl terrorist group, receiving military training as well as transferring and hiding bomb-making cargoes, and participating in two bombing attacks in Zahedan’s Enghelab Boulevard, an unsuccessful bombing in Zabul, located in southeastern Iran, and two bombing attacks at a police station in Zahedan, Mostafavinia explained.


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